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Most Credible VAM Argument Is 0%

At the Shanker Institute, a debate about value-added methods (VAM) for teacher evaluation was detailed on Twitter (@shankerinst)

Value Added Measures

The Merit Pay Virus Spreads

The Camden teachers contract is up for negotiation, just as the state has taken over the district and is ready to install a new, reformy superintendent, Paymon Rouhanifard. This young fellow spent his career in New York City forcing charter school co-locations on communities that did not want them; consequently, there here is little doubt he is being installed in Camden to turn the district into a "portfolio" system, where public schools are squeezed out so charters, often run by for-profit managers, can take their place.

New Jersey
Merit Pay

Gates’s Cannibalistic Culture: Coming to a School Near You!

Bill Gates has adopted education as a billionaire’s hobby for many years—once supporting small schools projects, but more recently focusing on teacher quality.

Little attention, however, has been paid in the mainstream media to Gates’s struggles in business (Microsoft) or his complete lack of expertise, experience, or success as an educational entrepreneur.

Paul Thomas
Merit Pay

What’s Good 4 the Goose…

Reader: it is one of the tragic ironicalisms of our time that the same education officials who are so eager to impose strict accountability measures on the teachers in their states are denied the experience of being held accountable themselves.

ALEC’s Schoolhouse Rock

Indiana Schools Superintendent Tony Bennett was the darling of the education reform movement. In the 2011-2012 legislative session, Bennett and Governor Mitch Daniels created the country’s largest school voucher program, enacted rigid teacher evaluation requirements, and imposed school grading systems, in many cases using “model legislation” from their friends at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Tennessee Using SAT-10 In 85 Percent of K-2 Classrooms for Teacher Evaluation Purposes

That’s right–high stakes testing is not just for kids who can read and count anymore. Commissioner (M. Rhee’s ex) Huffman is leading an effort to make sure that children in 117 of its 137 districts are provided funding to fully test before the onset of literacy. Had Huffman ever had a course in child development during law school, he would know that he is beginning testing during a volatile developmental window that varies so much that such testing has been deemed, for scientific and humane reasons, so much psychometric confetti in the past.

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