Education Reform

Sucking Up to the Rich, Reformy Style!

Much as I'd like to move on from the Star-Ledger's - and its Op-Ed Editor, Tom Moran's - immoral and stupid endorsement of Chris Christie for governor, I really can't let the following incident pass without comment.

Star-Ledger: Christie Stinks, But We Hate Teachers Unions More

When it comes to generating illogical, incoherent, self-contradictory claptrap, Editorial Page Editor Tom Moran and his merry crew at the Star-Ledger never fail to disappoint.

An unwanted guest crashes Jeb Fest 2013: Reality

Jeb Bush convened his annual National Education Summit in Boston last week and welcomed some 800 elected officials, think tankers, business leaders and vendors—along with a highly unwelcome guest who seemed to be everywhere. And no reader, it wasn’t yours truly.

The reformy campaign finance machine goes to Georgia

Last spring, I happened - by sheer luck - to come across an unannounced, coordinated campaign finance machine, put together to support reformy candidates in school board and state-level races across the country.


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