When Advocacy Becomes Apathy

The School Board in Volusia County, Florida voted earlier this year to privatize over 500 custodial and grounds keeping positions.  The entire process took less than six months and a total of three votes of the Board. 


Corporate Interests Pay to Play to Shape Education Policy, Reap profits

Education Policy

Emails Show Bush-Led Organization's ALEC-Like Role in State Policymaking.
Emails between the Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE), founded and chaired by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and state education officials show that the foundation is writing state education laws and regulations in ways that could benefit its corporate funders.



Existing Programs:

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program — 2001
Gives tax credits to individuals and corporations who donate to organizations that give private-school scholarships to low-income children. Recipients of the credit get dollar-for-dollar credits, with total credits capped at $229 million.

John M. McKay Scholarship Program — 1999
Gives vouchers to students with disabilities to attend private school.

Legislature Status:


Pending Legislation:


Mother Crusader

Never intended to become a parent advocate until I watched the great schools in my little town come under attack. The more I learned about what was happening the more I read. The more I read the more I saw how what is happening here is tied to towns across not only New Jersey, but the country. And now I'm in the thick of it, and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

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