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PA NAACP opposes high school graduation test in a powerful letter to the PA State Board of Education

TO: The Pennsylvania State Board of Education
Cc: The House Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Assembly
The Senate Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Assembly
The Citizens of Pennsylvania

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People recognizes that for most people, education is the gateway to the economic mainstream; and that as such, education is a civil right.

For this reason, the Pennsylvania State Conference of NAACP Branches strongly opposes regulatory action that links the Keystone Examination to high school graduation. We call for the removal from Chapter 4 of Keystone Examinations as a high school graduation requirement. We are certain that such a regulation will create a shameful condition that defames the dream of a free society.

Why corporate reformers fabricate public school failures

One interesting phenomenon that many of us see is how people, particularly parents, will say that schools are failing but the school that their children go to is fine.

They also say that they like the teachers and are satisfied with the education their child is receiving, it’s just those other schools that they constantly hear about that are failing. Which ones exactly? They’re not sure but “you hear about it all the time in the news”.

What the court ruling on charter schools means for the state of Washington, so far

The people of the great state of Washington have voted three times against charter schools.

Then this year the Wal-mart Waltons joined ranks with Bill Gates and the kings of Dick’s Burgers as well as Jeff Bezos of Amazon to spend millions of dollars on Initiative 1240, a proposal to establish charter schools in our state.

Due to erroneous claims about charter schools in countless TV commercials, it was passed.

Now the initiative has become law and is being challenged on its state constitutionality by educators and parents.

A judge in Seattle just made a decision on the case challenging the new law.

The Road Map Project, Race to the Top, Bill Gates, a national data bank, Wireless Gen…and FERPA?

One of the deals that we made with the devil when it came to accepting Race to the Top dollars is the relinquishing of our children’s information.

Bill Gates
Race to the Top
Road Map Project

“Reign of Error” by Diane Ravitch: A Review

Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools

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