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@TIME Gets Tenure Wrong, Part III: What's REALLY Wrong With California's Schools

Note: Here's my intro to this series, here's Part I, and here's Part II.

@TIME Gets Tenure Wrong, Part I: It Is NOT Hard To Fire a Teacher

Peter Greene points out that TIME's cover this week, announcing a lengthy piece about teacher tenure, is worse than the actual story. I don't disagree; however, the piece is still deeply flawed. So flawed, in fact, that it's going to take a few posts to break it all down.

Uncommon Comes To Camden: Let The Segregation Begin!

Camden's State Superintendent, Paymon Rouhanifard, shares much in common with his friend form the good old days in NYC, Newark State Superintendent Cami Anderson. Anderson, for example, believes she can simply ignore the law whenever she wants, as she does not answer to the citizens of Newark, with whom she has lost all credibility.

'Twas the Night Before PISA Day!

'Twas the night before PISA Day, when all through the foundations The wonks were all dreaming about Bill Gates's donations; The rankings were crafted for each nation with care, In hopes that more grants would come from billionaires;


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