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NYC Rejects Charterization, Closure and Co-Location as School Reform Strategy

Bill DeBlasio’s victory in the New York City mayor’s race signifies a shift in that school district’s policies on public education.  While Mayor Bloomberg has been a leader and spokesperson of the national movement for “corporatized school reform”—rapid expansion of charter schools—extensive closures of traditional schools, especially comprehensive high schools—co-location of charter and public schools in the same buildings— DeBlasio has instead spoken firmly for improving traditional public school across the city.


Public Schools 1, Education Reform 0 After New York City Primary

The headline in Politico said it all. In an article entitled, “New York City Democrats embrace full speed reverse on education reforms, Stephanie Simon laid out the stunning results from New York City’s mayoral primary.

Superintendent Slams Testing

Should first-graders really be expected to know how to explain why Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization? Kudos to the Vorheeseville Central School District superintendent in New York for speaking up--and explaining to the community how test scores are manipulated.

New York

New York

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Legislature Status:

In session.

Pending Legislation:

Assembly Bill 1826
“Education Investment Tax Credit”
Creates tax credit scholarship program. The bill was introduced on Jan. 9, 2013 by Michael Cusick, D-Staten Island, and has yet to leave committee.

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