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ProfitShip Learning

This animated video by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore looks at school privatization through the eyes of little Timmy, a kindergartener who likes his public school.

Timmy gets a confusing lesson in corporate education reform, starting with the rightwing mantra: “Public schools have failed.”

“But I like my public school,” Timmy protests.

FBI Tracks Charter Schools

There's been a flood of local news stories in recent months about FBI raids on charter schools all over the country
ALEC Exposed

Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education

Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education: Education, Privatization, Bill Gates, Broad, KIPP, Pearson, EdWest And The Gulen Schools. A massive national and international organized plan to privatize education has been implemented over several decades. Billionaires, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation and the Pearson corporation among others, have infiltrated hundreds of governmental bodies including school boards, city councils and our local, state and regional governments. They seek to turn our education system into a profit center worth tens of billions of dollars. This also includes the Gulen Islamic cult led by Imam Fethullah Gulen, which runs the largest chain of charters in the United States funded by public money. We will also look at the criminal conflicts that have allowed politicians to personally benefit from using their public positions to profit from their votes and actions. This forum will look at how this has come about, who did it, how it is affecting us and who is profiting from it at the cost of public education and finally how to stop this attack on our public education system.who-

Scathing Report Finds Rocketship, School Privatization Hurt Poor Kids

Gordon Lafer, a political economist and University of Oregon professor who has advised Congress, state legislatures, and the New York City mayor's office, landed at the airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bringing with him a briefing paper on school privatization and how it hurts poor kids. Lafer's report, "Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower-Quality Education Than Rich Kids? Evaluating School Privatization Proposals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin," released y the Economic Policy Institute, documents the effects of both for-profit and non-profit charter schools that are taking over struggling public schools in Milwaukee.

The Sharks Are Circling Our Public Schools

Private operators want our tax dollars Parents whose children attend the public schools in Wisconsin have been getting a barrage of phone calls lately offering "free tuition to send your child to a private or religious school."

Charter Schools Polish Their Image by Cherry-Picking Students

Wisconsin's Forward Institute released a new study of the Milwaukee schools yesterday that shows charter schools' better performance on Wisconsin's new "school report cards" compared with regular public schools is due almost entirely to the fact that the charter schools are able to exclude habitual truants.

Republicans Are Advancing Their War on Public Education

There has been a barrage of rightwing attacks on teachers and public education this week, which conservatives have dubbed "National School Choice Week."

'Bunkum Awards' Highlight the Worst Ed 'Reform' Claptrap

Check out the weakest data and shoddiest analysis justifying the attack public schools.

It's that time of year again. Our friends at the National Education Policy Center just held their annual Bunkum Awards ceremony, highlighting the very shoddiest educational research in the land.

As corporate-funded think tanks continue to push the narrative that the public schools have "failed," and that the answer is to channel tax dollars into private educational ventures, they lean hard on faulty research to make their case.

Michelle Rhee Gets Schooled on Twitter

The controversial ed reformer's town hall was a disaster

Controversial school "reform" advocate Michelle Rhee held a town hall meeting on Twitter this morning, and boy did it backfire.

Deluged with questions about the cheating scandal when she ran the Washington, DC schools, articles about her joking recollections about making kids in her own classroom stand in the closet put tape over their mouths, and about her connections to union-busting Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and a shadowy rightwing donor network, Rhee completely lost control of the narrative.


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