Jeff Bryant

Who’s Really Failing Students?

“Failure is not an option,” has been a popular slogan in public education for years.

The Coalition For An Education Agenda Just Isn’t There, Yet

The anticipated role education was presumed to have in this week’s midterm election generally did not pan out.Most analysts have concluded the election results derived from a wave of voter “discontent” mostly due to widespread economic dissatisfaction.

Why To Change The Way We Talk About Education

Sometimes when you get enough people beating on the outside of a building, those sitting comfortably on the inside start to feel the vibrations. That’s what it feels like is happening as the voices from the grassroots movement protesting the nation’s oppressive governance of public education are starting to reverberate in the cushy offices and conference rooms of education policy leaders.

Democratic Party’s Divide On Education Policy Gets Worse

Political pundits who try to tamp down talk of divisions within the Democratic Party must not be paying any attention to education policy.

Will Anyone Stop Charter School Corruption?

When politicians and pundits take to the barricades to defend “wonderful charter schools,” is this what they’re thinking of?

School Discipline Reform: A Model For Bottom-Up Improvement

In the education policy arena, the whole idea of “reform” has tended to be a pursuit from the top down – imposing standards and “accountability” from Washington, D.C. and state capitals and ramping up competitive providers with big money from private foundations and Wall Street.

Test Season Reveals America’s Biggest Failures

It’s testing season in America, and regardless of how the students do, it’s clear who is already flunking the exams.Last week in New York, new standardized tests began rolling out across the state, and tens of thousands of families said “no dice.”According to local news sources, over 33,000 students skipped the tests – a figure “that will probably rise.”At one Brooklyn school

How ‘Education Reform’ Perpetuates Racial Disparity

America was shocked, shocked, by new data from the U.S. Department of Education last week showing that a child’s education destiny in the nation’s public schools is strongly determined by race. As a report in The New York Times put it, the new data revealed that “racial minorities are more likely than white students to be suspended from school, to have less access to rigorous math and science classes, and to be taught by lower-paid teachers with less experience.” Of course, people who have been paying attention didn’t need a data dump from the DoE to awaken them to the reality that schools in the U.S. continue to discriminate against children of color.


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