Southern Education Foundation Documents Poverty Concentration in Cities

Educator Mike Rose and historian Michael B. Katz describe the greatest problem for public education in America: “Throughout American history, inequality—refracted most notably through poverty and race—has impinged on the ability of children to learn and of teachers to do their jobs.”

The Overlay of Economic Injustice and Race in America

Earlier this week the Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz offered a personal and sober view of American society and the economy fifty years after the March on Washington: “Dr. King realized that the struggle for social justice had to be conceived broadly: it was a battle not just against racial segregation and discrimination, but for greater economic equality and justice for all Americans. It was not for nothing that the march’s organizers, Bayard Rustin and A.

Race in America

Poverty, Segregation, and Charter Schools in DC

They don’t do much better, on average, than non-public schools, and a few of the public schools outperform all of them.


Superintendent Slams Testing

Should first-graders really be expected to know how to explain why Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization? Kudos to the Vorheeseville Central School District superintendent in New York for speaking up--and explaining to the community how test scores are manipulated.

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