Still Worrying about Sputnik

One of the things I know is that anxiety is irrational. We worry about the wrong things and not about the things that should concern us. And then, of course, we don’t take the steps to do something about what we ought to be worrying about.

The U.S. Formula for Children and the Choices We Refuse to Make

The formula for children in the U.S. can be summed up in one word, I think: “harsh.” And the response we should have to this formula is “inexcusable.”

Let’s consider the U.S. formula for children:

Southern Education Foundation Documents Poverty Concentration in Cities

Educator Mike Rose and historian Michael B. Katz describe the greatest problem for public education in America: “Throughout American history, inequality—refracted most notably through poverty and race—has impinged on the ability of children to learn and of teachers to do their jobs.”

Medicating ADHD in the brave new world of high-stakes accountability

Science fiction, at its best, is not predictive, but cautionary; as Neil Gaiman has reminded us, “The world doesn’t have to be like this. Things can be different.”

Authors of Books for Children are Alarmed at CCSS & RTTT and Testing

More than 120 leading authors and illustrators of books for children, including several national award winners, are calling on President Obama to “change the way we assess learning so that schools nurture creativity, exploration, and a love of literature.”

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