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The reformy campaign finance machine goes to Georgia

Last spring, I happened - by sheer luck - to come across an unannounced, coordinated campaign finance machine, put together to support reformy candidates in school board and state-level races across the country.

Why Teach For America Kicked Me Out

My time with Teach for America just came crashing to a halt. I had a conference call this week with the executive director for my region. She literally has two degrees in marketing and zero in education. She actually is only the interim ED, temporarily stepping in from her role as literally VP of national corporate relations. One of her aides began, “Big picture, we have been asking ourselves the question, is this the right fit, given all of the data points.

New Mathematica TFA Study is Irrational Exuberance

Teach For America (TFA) has sought to direct attention to a new study recently released by Mathematica. A blogger at the Washington Post even argued that my prior critiques of TFA were “not true anymore.” (See all of my prior posts on TFA here.) Is that the case?

Young, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Inexperienced, Short Term: The Model School Teacher?

On August 26, Motoko Rich, in the New York Times, reported At Charter Schools Short Careers by Choice.  I shared my own concerns about the subject of her piece here,  Yesterday, Mike Rose, professor in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA and a respected writer on education and teaching, published a second reflection

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